The Masters Quartet is blessed to have one of the finest bass singers around in Kirk Chapman.  Kirk is originally from Brunswick, Georgia, but he now resides in Houston, MS.  He will surprise you with his outstanding range and rumbling bass vocals that many have said resemble those of Tim Riley!  Not only is he a great bass singer, but he is also a wonderful Christian man that loves to sing for our Lord Almighty.  Kirk has been singing Southern Gospel music for 26 years.  He has sang with some great groups such as New Day Quartet, Safe Harbor, and Next Chapter Quartet.  Kirk has a lovely wife, Stacy, and four children, Amberlyn, Kile, Curry, Kirklyn.
Favorite Group(s):  Kingdom Heirs and Gold City
Favorite Vocalist(s): Jeff Chapman and Tim Riley
Favorite Song(s):  When He Reached Down His Hand, Child of the King, and I'm Not Giving Up
Favorite Food:  Extra Thick, Medium-Rare Sirloin with fries and a gallon of sweet tea 
Favorite Restaurant:  Moore's Restaurant in Houston, MS (If Mrs. Shirley is cooking)